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A Safe & Secure Environment
To Enjoy With Your Dog

Welcome to K9 Rec Creech Heathfield secure field for dogs. Below you will find some important information on how to use the field during your sessions.
To book a session please go to 'Book Your Walk' and fill in number of dogs, the date, start time and end time for your session. Please make sure you take the time to read the Terms and Conditions before you confirm your booking.

Once you have booked your walk you should get an email with your order and a Confirmation email with the details you will need for your first session. The confirmation email will contain the code to access the lock on arrival and can often go to your spam folder. Please email us at if you have not received this email before your session.

On Arrival:-
* You must Never enter the carpark when there is someone in there, you must wait on the verge away from the gate until the people before you have left. Should there be an issue with your session specifically you can find contact numbers on the gate.
* Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before your session. If you do arrive early please park on the verge away from the gate to give the people before you the space they need to load their dogs and leave.
* If the gate is locked on arrival you will find the code in your confirmation email and signs with pictures on the carpark gate showing where to put the code in.
* Once you are in the carpark you can lock yourself and your dog in during your time if you would prefer.
* Please make sure to pick up after your dog and take all rubbish home with you, the bins are for bagged up dog waste only.

When Leaving:-
* Make sure you take all of your belongings from the field with you.
* Your time slot includes loading your dog/s back into your vehicle and leaving the carpark so the next people can access the carpark on time.
* If there is no-one waiting you must shut and lock the gate to the carpark. Please find sign on gate showing how to do this. If someone is waiting you can leave it open/unlocked but you are not obliged to if you would prefer not to.

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This will be a great environment for reactive, nervous, young, older dogs and those that want to build their training in a safe environment without the worry of others and distractions. It will also be a nice space for a picnic with your dog!

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